We are musicians with 40 plus years in live sound, stage setups, artist management, development and 25 years in programming Midi and Dmx. Experience gives us our edge. 

We offer Dmx stage lighting production, using Grand MA 2 onPC, for big and small bands/events. We visualize clients stage and floor ideals with Capture, 3D lighting design software, so what you'll see, is what you'll get. Programming Dmx lights to a track and midi songs to a time code is our specialty. We also offer solutions for Virtual Dmx light shows with artist green screened in.                                                                                                                       

Track lighting using Ableton Live, DMXis and Cakewalk by BandLab. DMXIS plug-in, you can easily add a MIDI track to your song containing all your bank/preset changes, thus entirely automating the light show. This is incredibly effective, as your light show automatically synchronizes to the performance.